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Reflections and Gratitude 2014

I haven't written anything since 2013 but I decided to put this post out there as a personal reflection for myself and hopefully a means of inspiration for others.
This year has been particularly challenging in all aspects of my life.  Personally, academically and spiritually my life felt as though it was in turmoil for the first six months of the year. I was putting myself back together after my longest and most complicated relationship. The person I was with claim to love me yet I always feel either used or manipulated. Since I was accustomed this treatment I found myself in situations where I was either used or manipulated, which left a bitter taste in mouth. 
Academically, I was struggling through a degree which I didn't like but I was determined to finish because I want to make my family proud. However,  failures of the past kept haunting me as I continued along this journey. 
Personally, I was diagnosed with kyphoscoliosis which is a mixture of kyphosis and scoliosis,  both…