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Wanderlust: Virtual Trip to Africa

Travel is something we all dream of doing. As a student currently supported by the parents it is particularly difficult to convince them to buy me a plane ticket to anywhere other than school or home. However, I recently had the opportunity to travel to the continent of Africa, specifically Uganda, Burkina Faso and South Africa, for free!!!

My university hosted the Africa World Film Festival from March 8th to 11th. It featured  documentary style films from the continent and the diaspora. I was able to check out No place for a Rebel,BURKINABE RISING: The Art of Resistance in Burkina Faso, and The Good Ones. No place for a rebel followed the life of a former child solider who grew up to be a commander in the Lord's Resisitance Army of Joseph Kony. This is a rebel group in Uganda terrorized rural villages. In 2012 there was a large Facebook movement called 'Who is Kony?'  which was popularized as the Ugandan officals were on the hunt for him. This documentary really opened my ey…
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An Green Oasis Within the Chaos.

Lush, green trees that bring life to a rather inorganic city, providing a rest stop for anyone in need of it. The City of Port of Spain has quite a few of these green spaces that offer a refreshing place for the weary traveler. On my visit to the capital, it was overwhelmingly hot and humid amongst the man-made giants but from the moment I stepped into Independence Square it was as though I was in a totally different place. The cool breeze that caressed my skin and the surreal quietness; it felt almost as though I was in my backyard but the sudden blearing of car horns of impatient drivers jolted me back to reality.
Cities are often divided into some kind of class structure. This is easily seen in Port of Spain with the lower class on the outskirts of the city, Sea Lots and Morvant; the middle class in St. Anns and Cascade; and the upper class in suburbs adjecant to the city in West Moorings and Diego Martin. However, within these urban spaces these boundaries to do exist because the…